Hello! Somehow or another you’ve stumbled across my webpage. Jabberwocky Studios is a one-man independant game developer; right now I am working on the game Cosmicomics.


This is the first serious game I have ever worked on, and so it has been, and will continue to be, a learning opportunity. Right now, my aim is to reach a prototype phase with the game, and polish the mechanics, however, I do not intend to take it further; I am making the game in Unity, which has been altogether interesting. As this is my first game, I have fairly humble expectations – my lack of artistic technical skills also means that I am aiming for a more sparse, ambient graphical style. I have so far been doing all of the graphics, programming, and music associated with Cosmicomics: some examples of music and graphics are listed on my media page, as well as links to (old) screenshots that are hosted on indiedb. Also on my Cosmicomics page are several very old pre-prototype builds. Don’t hesitate to contact me at jwocky [at] jabberwockystudios [dot] com with any questions, comments, or advice.

You can find the indieDB page for Comicomics here:


 I have an IndieDB site profile under the moniker Fluidia.


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